It is easy and fun to do; just follow the 3 steps below.
Invite Your Friends to Join Explodium.

Shop in your personal mall each month and earn at least $2.50 in CashBack to qualify( or auto qualify) to receive your profit sharing that month.

Then, whenever any of your friends shop and earn CashBack, or their friends shop, or their friends (for seven generational levels below you), you will earn a profit sharing percentage on top of the CashBack paid to them as our way of saying ‘Thank You’ for helping Explodium grow.
How does it work?

Every time someone you invite to join Explodium shops and earn personal CashBack, providing you have done a little shopping that month and earned at least $2.50 in CashBack for yourself (or auto qualified), you will earn a little CashBack from their purchase too. When they invite their friends to join Explodium and those friends shop, you will earn some CashBack too. This continues for all shopping that occurs on seven generational levels below you.

The amount of profit sharing you receive is a direct percentage of the actual CashBack paid to the shopping member. The level below you on which that shopping occurred determines what percentage of the CashBack paid to the shopper you will receive as your share of the profits (see the chart above).