What is Explodium.com?

Explodium.com is your own gateway to the best things on the Internet. Once registered, when you log into Explodium you enter on your own personal Home Page. You can customize your Home Page to have everything you want available to you on the Internet at your fingertips. You can then set your Internet browser to open to your Explodium Home Page by clicking on that link below the Explodium logo at the upper left of site.

Explodium is full of great benefits such as having access to you own Internet Mall. Your Expoldium mall has over 1,000 of the top stores in the nation, where you can enjoy great deals, huge savings, and Cash Back when you shop at your favorite online stores. To learn more about how Explodium CashBack Rewards work, please click the icon to the right.

How do I shop in my Explodium?

It is simple to enjoy the benefits of shopping through Explodium.com. Just click on the Shop tab and find what you're looking for in one of the following three ways:

Use the "Search" box to locate any of the more than 1000 online stores featured on Explodium.com and to see the offers and specials available.

Dive straight into the deals on the home page or using the Hot Savings, Coupons, and Free Shipping links in the upper left-hand corner.

Find the stores you’re interested in and save big using the category links. You can easily sort each category by store name, subcategory or rate.

What is the My Account section?

Your My Account section is how you manage your personal Explodium account. Here you can:

View your shopping click history;
See the transaction you have made;
Check the amount of CashBack you have earned;
Request your CashBack check;
See who is in your Family Tree; and
How Much your Family members have earned for you.

You can also manage your Explodium settings such as Email options, changing your password option or profile information, uploading your picture etc. There is even a section at the bottom of the left column called "Banner Builder", where you can get custom Explodium banner to use in your emails or on your website that will direct people to Explodium and automatically place them in your community and Family tree if they register.

For more information about using Explodium,watch our video flash tour or check out our screen shot tour section.

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